These music resources contain information videos, warm ups, as well as backing tracks, lyrics, chords and video tutorials of songs from around the world, led by our fantastic international musicians.

Through our schools programme Harmonise, we increase the well-being of all children as well as building understanding towards refugees, asylum seekers and Roma people with children of all backgrounds. Our musicians who are themselves refugees share their stories, create amazing music and dance in the classroom.

“Harmonise increases the well-being of all children in the classroom by up to 250%” – Sally Fort, external evaluator.

As well as increasing well-being and engagement, Harmonise fulfils KS2 & KS3 curriculum objectives for Music, Geography, History, PSHE, Literacy & Numeracy.

Introduction for teachers:

Who are Refugees & Asylum seekers? with Mohammed:

Who are Roma people? with Sindy:

Body Percussion with Faz:

Beatboxing with Madz:

Vocal warm-up with Sohini:


Select any of the four links below to hear a beautiful song from a different country. Click the titles of the tracks, and our facilitators will introduce each song to you, just as if they were in your classroom!

Harmonise Live in your classroom!

With the recent surge in hate crime, and growing hostility towards refugees, the need is greater than ever to increase understanding amongst diverse communities, creating a more positive and enriching future for all. Find out more about Harmonise in this short video.

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Music Action International are people from across the world using the power of creativity to overcome the effects and causes of war, torture and armed conflict.