Kiša pada is sung by children in the various countries where Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian is spoken. However, due to it’s beautiful, but a simple melody, it is also suitable for older kids. It simply describes how 2 children are sitting together under a tree, watching the rain falling. 

You can accompany this song with a drone, one single note that is held throughout the song. This can be done e.g. with a Shruti box, or a part of the group can hum the note (and take it in turns, so that it doesn’t get boring).

In order to make the song even more exciting, you can create the sounds of the rain by using your hands and body percussion. You can start with snapping your fingers (light rain), then continue with a soft clap, followed by a harder clap (heavier rain), followed by clapping on your thighs, and finally stamping your feet (thunder), before you return to snapping with your fingers again. 

Kiša pada

Traditional song in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian language

Chords: Dm

Kiša pada, trava raste
Gora zelena  2x

U toj gori jedno drvo
Tanko, visoko  2x

Pod njim sjedi moja seja
a ja pored nje   2x

š = sh j = y e = ey

Translation: (from Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian)

It’s raining, the grass is growing, the forest is turning green.
In the forest, a tree is growing, slim and tall.
Under this tree, my friend is sitting, and I am beside them.


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