War Devastates Lives

Music Action International are people from across the world using the power of creativity to overcome the effects and causes of war, torture and armed conflict

We provide innovative ways to support children, young people and adults to overcome the debilitating effects of war-related stress and trauma and connect divided communities in a powerful way through creative music programmes

Our specialist team, many of whom have themselves experienced the effects of war and armed conflict, are trained to support highly traumatised survivors, using music as a way of improving mental, emotional health and building trust through creative expression in physically and emotionally safe environments

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Trauma & Isolation

Living through war and torture causes extreme trauma. Refugees are forced to flee their homes, not knowing what will happen to them or their loved ones

Music Action International’s unique approach significantly reduces physical and emotional trauma and creates a sense of family for people who are alone


Happiness and Resilience

Music can provide a safe space for processing painful emotions, sharing personal stories and creating resilience

We support survivors to use creativity in coping with trauma, to feel happier and to find hope and meaning from despair


With People

Music brings people together. It synchronises breathing and heartbeats. It creates a feeling of belonging, of positive connection and shared experience

Our uplifting performances bring refugees and local people together in a unique way through creativity, music and shared emotions


Hate & Violence

Music breaks down barriers. Music can move us to tears, make us laugh and make us dance

We create empathy and a shared passion more important than differences of ethnicity, religion or background


Peaceful Action

Music is the most powerful way to spread a universal message of hope, inspiring peaceful action to create a better future for everyone

Join our movement today to overcome the effects and causes of war, torture and armed conflict through the power of music

Our Programmes

Stone Flowers: With Torture Survivors

Trauma experienced by torture survivors is often extreme and long-lasting. It causes flashbacks, anxiety, depression ...


Harmonise: Increasing Well-being & Empathy in Schools

Through Harmonise, children from all backgrounds gain confidence, explore different cultures, and create music in ...


Everyday People: With Teenage Refugees

Teenage refugees often arrive in the UK without family or friends, having survived armed conflict ...


Crisis Choirs: With Adult Refugees

The Refugee Crisis is happening on a major scale world-wide as the battle for resources, ...


Our Annual Programme at Syria Summer Camp LDN

More than 60 young refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan participate in Syria Summer Camp in ...

Music As A Common Language

Music as a Common Language: Georgia, Caucasus

Young Russian cellist and peace activist Nikolai Karantsev initiated an incredible peacebuilding project in Tbilisi, ...


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