Stone Flowers – Digital Album

‘Stone Flower’ is the English translation of the Persian song ‘Gole Sangam’ (pronounced ‘Goll-ay Sang-gyam’) in Farsi. The song, chosen by one of the participants of the project seemed to connect to everyone involved. Stone Flower symbolises the symbiotic nature of two apparent opposites, resonating with the balance of beauty and strength, resilience and fragility and the brilliance of nature to be both everlasting and renewable.

Stone Flowers comprises of Congolese, Cameroonian, Iranian, Kurdish, Lebanese, Guinean and English women and men. The diverse group members bring their own words and musical inspiration into the writing sessions where the ideas have been developed into a song-cycle.



released January 18, 2021

Vocals: Aiden Jolly, Bina Pahlevan, Carrie Penty Mason, Christine Adcock, David Petou Tapo, Emmanuela Yogoelo, Farooq, Francoise, Lancine, Lis Murphy, Lito, Mary Murphy, Maryam Honardoost, Melahat Karadag, Méli Lefi, Nancy Norrie, Rita Nkenya, Romain Mputu, Serge Tebu, Xezal
Percussion: Bina Pahlevan, David Petou Tapon, Emmanuela Yogolelo, Farooq, Francoise, Nancy Norrie, Lancine, Lito, Mary Murphy, Méli Lefi, Serge Tebu, Rita Nkenya, Romain Mputu, Xezal
Violin: Lis Murphy
Spoken Voice: Carrie Penty Mason, Davide Petou Tapon, Lancine, Méli Lefi, Nancy Norrie, Rita Nkenya, Xezal
Storytelling: Emmanuela Yogoelo,
Guitar:, Aiden Jolly, Carrie Penty Mason, Serge Tebu
Bass: Aiden Jolly, Serge Tebu
Thumb Piano: Romain Mputu
Cello: Christine Adcock, Maryam Honardoost
Darbouka: Méli Lefi
Sax: Aiden Jolly