82.4 MILLION people are forced to leave their home (displaced) worldwide because of war, torture, persecution, armed conflict or human rights violations. 

Who are Refugees? 

Refugees are searching for a safe place after being forced to flee their homes due to war, torture, conflict or persecution and have crossed an international border to seek safety in another country. Many refugees around the world live in incredibly difficult conditions, including refugee camps. 

Who are Asylum Seekers? 

Asylum Seeker is the term given to people leaving their homes in search of safety before they are legally recognised as being a refugee and have the right to remain in a safe country. Seeking asylum is a human right. No asylum seeker is illegal. It is often not possible to enter another country legally to escape war as governments close the borders.

Who are Immigrants?

There is no internationally accepted legal definition of an immigrant. Some immigrants leave their country of origin to work, study, or join a family. Some leave because of poverty, political unrest, natural disasters or other severe circumstances. 

World-wide, there are: 

  • 26.4 million refugees 
  • 48.0 million internally displaced people
  • 4.1 million asylum-seekers
  • 50% of the world’s refugees are children

“A REFUGEE IS A HUMAN BEING” Jeremie, Torture Survivor

No-one leaves home unless home is the mouth of a shark

Warsan Shire

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